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JCX359332: 14ky University of Georgia Small Pendant

Price Range: $160 - $250

JCX365641: SS University of Nebraska Medium Pendant

Price Range: $50 - $90

JCX2060: These 14k yellow gold oval peridot and diamond earrings feature 7x5 mm genuin...

Price Range: $599 - $895

JCX358287: 10kw University of Florida XS Pendant

Price Range: $130 - $210

JCX363980: 14ky Michigan State University Medium Pendant

Price Range: $230 - $360

JCX375525: GP University of Wisconsin Black Leather Oval Key Chain

Price Range: $40 - $80

JCX356740: 10ky Stanford University Large Pendant w/ Necklace

Price Range: $360 - $550

JCX359275: 10kw University of Georgia XL Pendant

Price Range: $760 - $1,150


Price Range: $502 - $750

JCX357050: SS University of San Francisco Medium Disc Pendant

Price Range: $40 - $70

JCX358367: 14ky University of Florida Small Pendant w/Necklace

Price Range: $380 - $580

JCX371211: SS University of South Carolina Lapel Pin

Price Range: $40 - $70

JCX1194: 14ky 2ctw SI1/SI2; G H I; Lab Grown Diamond 4-Prg Earring

Price Range: $4,736 - $7,075

JCX302279: Genuine 4mm Trillion cut aquamarine ''March Birthstone'' with...

Price Range: $210 - $330

JCX363875: SS Michigan State University Large I love Logo

Price Range: $50 - $80

JCX366282: 10ky Fordham University Small Post Earring

Price Range: $270 - $420

JCX364270: 14ky Wayne State University Small Pendant

Price Range: $250 - $380

JCX1155: 14kw Set of 2 Lab Grown Diamond SI1/SI2; G H I; Bands

Price Range: $706 - $1,055 is a new type of Internet Jewelry system. We take our information from the manufacturer of the piece, not the retailer. Different retail shops price items differently. Also, the price of base materials like gold and precious stones rises and falls with their respective markets. The range indicates the expected price of the piece when you get to the retailer. Obviously, when you get to the retailer they will confirm the exact price, as they will generally get it from the manufacturer on an item-by-item basis. Items can not be purchased direct from the manufacturer. Items and prices are subject to change at any time without notification and may differ from that published on this web site. Item description, type, price and source is set at time of purchase from the retailer and this system should be used for reference and research only.

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