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JCX370746: 10kw Clemson University Money Clip

Price Range: $1,610 - $2,420

JCX375086: GP West Virginia University Lapel Pin

Price Range: $40 - $70

JCX366450: 14kw Syracuse University Large Pendant w/ Necklace

Price Range: $520 - $780

JCX362111: GP Wichita State University Large Enamel Pendant

Price Range: $70 - $120

JCX156: 14K White Gold 3-Stone Diamond Peg Set Semi-mount Engagement Ring

Price Range: $521 - $778

JCX360011: 14kw Southern Illinois University Crest Lapel Pin

Price Range: $330 - $500

JCX302263: Lab Created Ruby ''July Birthstone'' and .04cttw Diamond Earr...

Price Range: $200 - $310

JCX365900: 14kw University of Nevada Small Pendant

Price Range: $120 - $190

JCX371950: 14kw The University of Tenne14kwee at Chattanooga Large Pendant w/Necklace

Price Range: $600 - $910

JCX301261: 10ky Auburn University Small Post Earring

Price Range: $350 - $530

JCX356792: 14kw University of California Berkeley Small Pendant w/Necklace

Price Range: $390 - $600

JCX2630: Gorgeous 14k yellow gold fashion pendant with an elegant 6 mm pearl and shimm...

Price Range: $781 - $1,167

JCX360284: 10ky Ball State University XS Post Earring

Price Range: $130 - $210

JCX365358: SS Montana State University Medium Enamel Pendant

Price Range: $60 - $100

JCX360: 14kw Round Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring Mounting

Price Range: $320 - $479

JCX361766: 10kw University of Kansas Medium Pendant

Price Range: $200 - $320

JCX368329: 14ky Ohio State University Small Disc Pendant

Price Range: $220 - $340

JCX311941: SS University of Nebraska Black Leather Oval Key Chain

Price Range: $40 - $80 is a new type of Internet Jewelry system. We take our information from the manufacturer of the piece, not the retailer. Different retail shops price items differently. Also, the price of base materials like gold and precious stones rises and falls with their respective markets. The range indicates the expected price of the piece when you get to the retailer. Obviously, when you get to the retailer they will confirm the exact price, as they will generally get it from the manufacturer on an item-by-item basis. Items can not be purchased direct from the manufacturer. Items and prices are subject to change at any time without notification and may differ from that published on this web site. Item description, type, price and source is set at time of purchase from the retailer and this system should be used for reference and research only.

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