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JCX310203: Leslies 14K 3.00mm Diamond Cut Rope Chain

Price Range: $580 - $880

JCX308554: 60'' Continuous Fresh Water 7-7.5mm Black Peacock Pearl Necklace. Kn...

Price Range: $70 - $110

JCX382836: 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

Price Range: $620 - $940

JCX308431: Chocolate Pearl and Sterling Silver Spiral Necklace. 17'' Length; Lo...

Price Range: $30 - $50

JCX308452: Mens Stainless Steel and Brown Cross with 24'' Chain.

Price Range: $30 - $60

JCX352989: Leslies 14k Franco Chain

Price Range: $300 - $460

JCX353037: Leslie's 14k Two-tone 5MM Reversible Omega Necklace

Price Range: $2,830 - $4,250

JCX308560: 72'' Endless Multi Colored Champagne Fresh Water Continuous Pearl Nec...

Price Range: $70 - $110

JCX308455: Mens Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber Dog Tag with Cross and 24'' Bal...

Price Range: $50 - $80

JCX308456: Stainless Steel & Black Dog Tag for Dad; with 24'' Ball chain and lob...

Price Range: $20 - $50

JCX352789: Leslies 14K 5.0mm Diamond Cut Rope Chain

Price Range: $3,210 - $4,800

JCX353300: Leslie's 14k Polished Fancy Link Necklace

Price Range: $920 - $1,390

JCX380310: 14K White Gold Flowing Diamond Cross

Price Range: $1,390 - $2,090

JCX310584: Leslies 14k 2.9mm Beveled Curb Chain

Price Range: $640 - $970

JCX380308: 14K White Gold Pave Diamond Cross Pendant

Price Range: $1,410 - $2,120

JCX382809: 14K White Gold Double Layer Geometric Necklace with an 18 inch chain.

Price Range: $1,370 - $2,060

JCX308457: Stainless Steel pebble design cross for men; with 24'' Ball chain and...

Price Range: $30 - $50

JCX380300: 14K White Gold Adjustable Tassel Necklace with 18 Inch Chain

Price Range: $1,700 - $2,550 is a new type of Internet Jewelry system. We take our information from the manufacturer of the piece, not the retailer. Different retail shops price items differently. Also, the price of base materials like gold and precious stones rises and falls with their respective markets. The range indicates the expected price of the piece when you get to the retailer. Obviously, when you get to the retailer they will confirm the exact price, as they will generally get it from the manufacturer on an item-by-item basis. Items can not be purchased direct from the manufacturer. Items and prices are subject to change at any time without notification and may differ from that published on this web site. Item description, type, price and source is set at time of purchase from the retailer and this system should be used for reference and research only.

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